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The transmission we out in my truck. Brain set up my tow, quickly diagnosed the problem - gave me an estimate and then repaired it quickly. The repairs were exactly what he had quoted. Now my 15 year old truck now shifts like butter. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks LL


Broke down and needed new transmission fast. Multiple problems with what they did and keep taking car back to them to fix. Would not use again. Crazy lady runs the place.

For those reading this review, we have no record of this customer on or near Jan 3, 2015. We have reason to believe this may be a competitor and have flagged this review with Google. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If this is an actual customer, we apologize for the experience. Please contact the owner Susan Trumble so we can make an effort to correct what is needed.

- Mr. Transmission - Milex Complete Auto Care - Florence

What a great place!


Could not find any negative reviews before I went to this place. Believe me, I did not want to take it to a random place. First warning sign was how long it took to replace transmission. After ready had to turn around again within minutes since it was shifting badly. Claimed they took it for test drive. Month later fluid was seeping out weep hole - Overfilled fluid. 6 months into this and they had to fix for another week. Last but least - Went out again 1 month after warranty expired and they would not honor. Doesn't that stink. Lesson - A fool and his money will soon depart. Everybody wants every penny you make.


I took my van in to have a transmission cooler installed and do a flush if necessary. Flushing a transmission is not an easy decision as it can sometimes do more harm than good. They looked at mine and advised against it even though it would have made them more money. It was a good experience and their price was very reasonable. Carol is also very pleasant and professional.